Salsa Dancing as Fitness? Tito Puente Jr. Touts It

It's not just for nightclubs or next month's Quinceañera party. Salsa dancing is now a way to stay in shape.

Tito Puente Jr., who's father put both salsa and mambo music on the world map, says the hip-swiveling, arm-swinging dance can be a great alternative to the gym.

"Salsa dancing is a very healthy way to stay in shape -- and enjoy the company of different people," Puente, son of the legendary Tito Puente, told Fox News Latino's Dr. Manny.

Puente Jr., a musician who performed at the official after party of the Academy Awards last month, released "Got Mambo?" last year. This week, he released a new album called Tito Puente Jr. "Greatest club remixes."

Watch him speak about why salsa dancing is better than step aerobics, and even merengue.