Puppy Survives Swallowing 15-Inch Metal Pole

An 8-week-old Pit Bull puppy will live to chew again after swallowing a 15-inch metal garden flag post, FOX10.com reported.

The puppy, known as Blue, was rushed to the Rehm Animal Clinic in Hillcrest, Alabama by his owners, who did not speak to FOX10.

Veterinarians said the owners had tried to pull the post from Blue’s throat, but his gag reflex wouldn’t allow it, and only made the post go deeper into his stomach.

"Blue was gasping. He was agitated ... He couldn't breathe," said Dr. Chris Rehm, who operated on Blue.

Rehm said the operation took about 90 minutes, and she feared the 15-pound puppy wasn’t going to be able to withstand the injuries caused by the post. Bolt cutters were used to break off a piece of the 15-inch post, which prevented the puppy from ingesting the entire thing.

"Had he swallowed it. He would have died," Rehm said.

Rehm added that it was probably Blue’s youth and strength that made him able to tolerate such an intense surgery.

Blue sustained a large amount of bruising inside the stomach, but luckily there were no perforations. Now, Blue is on antibiotics and resting comfortably.

"Once we get him healed up, he's good to go. He's already eating again, and matter of fact, I bet he's ready to swallow something else," Rehm said.

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