Plate Color May Affect How Much You Eat, Research Says

New research published this week in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests the color of your plate matters when it comes to how much you eat at a meal.

Experts have known for years color plays a factor when it comes to food.

It's no coincidence most fast food chains rely heavily on colors such as red, orange and yellow in their advertising and decor. Those colors prompt you to eat more.

However, this new study found people ate more when there was less contrast between the food and the color of the plate used.

In other words, when there's a noticeable contrast between the food your eating and the plate your using, you can see what you're eating more easily and then you eat less.

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Of course, it's not practical to have a different color of plate for every kind of food you eat, but some experts say the best all around choice is white.

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