Ohio gynecologist sued for allegedly internally spraying patient with drain cleaner chemical

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A woman in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against her gynecologist, claiming he sprayed her internally with a chemical found in drain cleaner, UPI.com reported.

Identified only as Laura, the patient claimed that Dr. John Black at Paragon Health meant to use vinegar when performing a routine colposcopy. But instead, he allegedly sprayed her with a liquid containing potassium hydroxide.

"I was the victim of a pretty horrific experience at my gynecologist exam," Laura told WKYC-TV. "It was like an open cut with rubbing alcohol being poured into it.”

According to the suit, Black realized his mistake and tried to treat the burn area with saline solution and a numbing cream – without wearing any gloves. When Laura went to the emergency room afterwards, physicians found a plastic bottle cap behind her cervix.  The hospital also revealed that the pH level of the liquid was 12 or higher.

Laura said she has suffered permanent injuries as the chemical continues to burn her private parts.  She now fears she may need a hysterectomy.

"It soaks in, and continues to soak in, and burns from the inside out. It's not meant to go inside anyone's body,” said Laura’s husband, Paul.

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