President Obama promised radical change when he took office. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that he would radicalize health care in America.

To me, health care has three major components: medical professionals, patients and cost. However, these three components must help provide three important outcomes: disease prevention, effective medical treatment and medical innovation.

I think that the president and his team have failed to take into account many of these components.

First, private physicians’ input has not been taken into consideration. Solo practitioners have always comprised the backbone of medical practice in this country, serving their patients and helping their local communities deal with day-to-day health issues.

And we all know perfectly well how they’re going to be affected by this new law. They won’t be able to keep their doors open and survive on the limits that all of these regulations will create for them.

Second, patient opinions have not been properly heard or considered. In survey after survey, Americans have voiced their dislike for this radical change.

And finally, the costs associated with this new law have been grossly underestimated. Recent data clearly shows that there will be major increases in insurance premiums in multiple state markets, not to mention the additional costs that will adversely affect the medical industry, small business owners and unions.

So how did we get to this point? I would argue that it was through a loss of the democratic process and a lack of transparency. This mandate is all about a socialized America, where individualism is sacrificed for allowing the government to rule all or part of our society. Ultimately, we all get punished if we don’t adhere to the party line.

Obamacare is the Costco of medicine. And soon, your small town medical practice will become nothing more than an empty store front.