New method helps mothers get rid of 'mommy pooch'

From royalty to celebrities, we’ve become obsessed with “baby bumps.”  But ask any new mom, and she will tell you that once the baby is born, the bump has got to go.

Leah Keller, a pre- and post-natal fitness expert, said that after child-birth, most women are left with a “mommy pooch” – flabby abdominal muscles that are soft and weak.

“Diastasis recti is a medical condition where your abdominal muscles, the rectus abdominis, physically separate,” Keller told “It's not a tear but a sideways stretch of the connective tissue that runs downs your midline. So when the muscles separate they do not go back on their own after pregnancy.”

But with a new approach called the Dia Method, women can have a flatter stomach than they did “pre-baby.”

“The Dia Method is a complete system for pre- and post-natal fitness, and it is all built around correct core activation,” Keller said. “So the entire system is built to protect your abdominal muscles during pregnancy, strengthen them for labor and then get your abs back after.”

OB-GYNs say that exercising 30 minutes on most days during pregnancy can

- Help reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling
- Increase energy and mood
- Improve posture
- Promote muscle tone, strength and endurance
- Help you get a better night’s sleep

Keller said that exercise is crucial to prepare for labor.

“The core muscles are key to birthing that baby,” Keller said. “You need the ab muscles to push safely and effectively, so they need to be strong.  And you need the pelvic muscles to be relaxed and open; that's the door for the baby to pass through.”

If you’ve had your baby already – even years ago – Keller said it’s never too late to get your body back and learn this technique.

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