Mysterious rash affects 15 students, 2 teachers at Florida high school

Fifteen students and two teachers have been evacuated from a Florida high school after contracting an itchy rash during class, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The ailing people were all in the same building when the rash broke out.  They were transported to decontamination corridors at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla., where they are currently being treated.  According to the Sun Sentinel, personnel in hazmat suits near the decontamination area were putting clothes and backpacks into bags labeled ‘hazardous waste.’

While the situation seems to be isolated to the original 17, the 75 to 80 other students who were in the building but did not show any symptoms were evacuated and are being monitored.  The school has been put on lockdown to prevent the possibility of further infection.

“It’s a mass casualty decontamination facility, we drill for this,’ Joel Medina, battalion chief for Hollywood Fire-Rescue, told the Sun Sentinel.

According to Medina, the symptoms, which include itchy hives all over the body, seems to have been caused by an irritant to the skin.

Emergency workers have been searching the school, but they have yet to find anything that could be considered a cause for the rash.

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