Models eating cotton balls to lose weight is dangerous and irresponsible

To me, this has to be the most ridiculous way to shed pounds.

I recently heard an interview with Eddie Murphy’s 23-year-old daughter, Bria Murphy, who is now a professional model.  During the interview she talked about the trials and tribulations of modeling as a career, and to my surprise, she mentioned that there are some models – not her of course – who are dipping cotton balls in orange juice and swallowing them in an attempt to suppress their appetites and lose weight.

This kind of diet is so dangerous, I don’t even know where to begin. First, let’s start with the possible gagging effect a person could trigger while trying to eat a cotton ball. This could cause a person to potentially aspirate liquid into their lungs as they try to cough these fibers out of their respiratory system, and consequently, it could lead to all sorts of problems including aspiration pneumonia and bronchitis.

If a person successfully swallows the cotton balls, they may then face dangers including bowel obstruction, twisting of the intestines and bowel necrosis. All of these conditions can lead to acute abdominal pain, necessitating interventional surgery, which could have severe side effects and complications.

The sad point about all of this is that models in our society are supposed to represent an image of beauty and a wholesome life. Young women who pick up magazines all want to be like these models, but in reality, they should steer clear of their eating habits.

Don’t ever consider eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice or any other liquid. In order to look truly wholesome on the outside, you need to be wholesome on the inside as well.