Men With Facial Hair are 'Wilder' in the Bedroom

Aussie women think facial hair on men is attractive and believe it indicates they are "wilder in the bedroom," The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

A national survey — by a razor company — found six in 10 women agreed that men with facial hair had more sex appeal than their clean-cut counterparts.

Nearly two thirds of the men surveyed also agreed that having well-groomed facial hair gave them a much better success rate with women.

Seventy-five percent of men also confessed that sporting facial hair makes them feel more attractive to women, with 76 percent declaring they felt more interesting with well-groomed facial hair and 68 percent going as far as saying they thought their chin rug gave them more personality.

Women also think styled facial hair means a man is wilder in the bedroom, according to the survey conducted by Schick Men’s razors with Jigsaw Strategic Research.

The survey asked men and women aged 16 to 34 years old the effects of various facial hair styles on men’s success rate with women.

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