It's time to chuck those Soylent snack bars

Soylent started out by suggesting all those people violently ill after eating their meal replacement bars were just sensitive. Not so anymore. The company is asking customers to throw out all of its Food Bars while it halts sales and shipments of the product, reports Gizmodo.

However, Soylent—which is offering full refunds for the wasted products, per Eater—still doesn't know what is causing vomiting, stomach pain, and "uncontrollable" diarrhea in some customers, a few of whom have ended up in the emergency room.

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It says this latest move is "a precautionary measure" while it investigates. Meanwhile, customers have been posting to the company website describing their ordeals, and the Guardian highlights one comment with an intriguing detail: “There was a bright green liquid/gelatinous substance on the inner wrapper of today’s bar,” one person wrote.

"I ate it anyways, confident in my ability to digest anything natural. It otherwise smelled and tasted fine.” Unfortunately, vomiting and diarrhea ensued. (The company's CEO got in hot water over his "experimental living facility.")

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