How clearing closet clutter can help you slim down

30-year-old CeCe Olisa has struggled with her weight her entire life.

“I was probably 12 when the idea of dieting and losing weight came into the picture, and even though I was constantly looking to lose weight, I was really just gaining and losing and gaining and losing,” Olisa told

The California native took her frustrations online, where she blogs about dating, fashion and fitness at

When she ditched the idea of “getting skinny” in favor of “getting healthy,” Olisa said she lost 55 pounds.

“When it comes to dieting, I’ve basically tried everything,” she said. “When you go from doing a whole bunch of things to just living a simple and healthy life, the results come very easily and… are sustainable.”

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According to Dr. Steven Lamm of NYU Langone Medical Center, 1/3 of Americans are overweight, which could lead to many health conditions – such as diabetes and heart disease. Lamm has teamed up with the campaign, which advocates making small changes and talking to your doctor to get healthy.

“Let’s start with a 5 percent weight loss, okay, because that may actually reduce the amount of medicine or reduce the likelihood you’re going to need some medication,” Lamm said. “If you can lose more than 5 percent, fantastic.”

The campaign also urges participants to “Liberate Your Closet” and clear out those “skinny” jeans.

“Most of us who struggle with our weight think if we can keep the stuff in smaller sizes, it’s going to motivate us to behave differently.  But the truth is those clothes staring at you do not motivate, they criticize,” said Julie Morgenstern, professional organizer and author.

Morgenstern helped Olisa cut out the clutter, encouraging her to only keep what fits right now and what “feels fabulous.” She argued that organizing your closet gives you an immediate pay off— and pushes you to make other healthy decisions. If you can’t let go of an item that you love but that doesn’t fit, pack those “someday” clothes somewhere else.

“Store them by size and get them out of your current everyday experience, and when you get there through whatever changes you’re making and when they fit, shop your own closet!” Morgenstern said.

Sorting out the clothes you truly love can help you save time during the day that you can use for a workout, cooking meals or other healthy habits, she suggested.

Interested in cleaning out your closet? You can upload your before and after closet photos at to share your experience.

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