Girl, 12, performs CPR to revive brother, 2, after septic tank mishap: report

A young girl performed CPR to revive her 2-year-old brother after he was found unresponsive in the Washington state family’s septic tank, authorities said.

The children’s mother was able to remove the toddler from the tank but got stuck in the process, prompting her 12-year-old daughter to dial 911, East Pierce Fire and Rescue Chief Bud Backer said, according to the News Tribune.

Dispatchers instructed the girl how to conduct CPR on her brother while authorities rushed to the scene.

“The fact that his 12-year-old sister was so dialed in, they were saying, ‘Chief, you need to keep track of her. Ten years from now, you need to give her a job,’” Backer told the outlet. “She was very in control and followed directions to a ‘T,’ and saved her brother’s life in the process."

The boy was conscious by the time medics arrived at the home, Backer said. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to the outlet.

It was unclear how the boy ended up in the septic tank in the first place, or how long he was there.

Backer advised homeowners to secure tank access points, as officials deal with one or two septic tank rescues per year, according to the outlet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.