Extreme weight loss: New personal stomach pump sucks food straight out of stomach

From diet pills to hormonal injections to expensive stomach surgery, people are continuously looking for quick fixes when it comes to losing weight.  And for some, weight loss is much more difficult than just cutting calories.

Now, the company Aspire Bariatrics says they have a breakthrough solution for people struggling with obesity: a personal stomach pump.

Developed by a group of inventors led by Dean Kamen – most well-known for inventing the Segway – the device is meant to suck out partially digested food straight out of the stomach.  The system, called the AspireAssist, has been developed into a commercial product but has not yet been FDA approved; however, Aspire Bariatrics has applied for a patent.

According to the company’s website, a silicone, rubber tube called the A-Tube is surgically implanted in the stomach, which is connected to the “Skin-Port” on the outside of the abdomen.  The Skin-Port acts as a valve, allowing the patient to open and close the flow of food from their stomach.

Approximately 20 minutes after meal is finished, the patient will perform the “aspiration” process, in which they use the AspireAssist to remove 30 percent of their stomach’s contents before the calories are absorbed.  Once aspiration is over, the patient is supposed to squeeze a pouch of water back into their stomach to help loosen food particles remaining in the stomach.

While the device is meant to aid public health, there have already been setbacks with the product.  According to the Independent, the pump has a hard time breaking up large foods.  People using it are advised to avoid cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese food, chips, pretzels and more – to prevent clogging of the device.

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