Many people won't be aware of Italy's invasion of Ethiopia in 1895, but one man doesn't just know about the battle - he claims to have lived through it.

Retired farmer Dhaqabo Ebba, from Ethiopia, says he is a staggering 160 years old, which would make him the world's oldest living man.

He claims to have clear memories of Italy's invasion of his country in the 19th century. However, there is no birth certificate to prove his age.

In a statement to Oromiya TV, he provided so much detail on the history of his local area that reporter Mohammed Ademo became convinced that Mr Ebba must be at least 160 years old.

This would make him 46 years older than the oldest ever recorded man.

"When Italy invaded Ethiopia I had two wives, and my son was old enough to herd cattle,"said Ebba.

He then recounted his eight-day horseback rides to Addis Ababa as a child - a journey that takes only a few hours today.

As Ebba grew up in an oral society, there is no paper trail and no living witnesses to verify his age.

However, if his claim can be medically confirmed, he would oust 115-year-old Misao Okawa, who is currently recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living person.

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