Dr. Manny's Notes: Spicy Food to Blame for Woman's Death?

Is spicy food to blame for the death of a British newlywed? Not so fast, doc!

A recent story about a 24-year-old woman who died from an asthma attack still lacks many facts. Her doctor believes it was triggered by the spicy foods she had eaten three days earlier - but we still don't know the exact cause of death.

First, we need to have a postmortem report, which we don't have yet. And second, to say that spicy food was a possible contributing factor in this woman's death gives these popular foods a bad rap.

There are many foods - and not necessarily spicy ones - which contain food allergens that can trigger a histamine release in the body, ultimately leading to an asthma attack.

There are also medical reports that have documented things like food additives, excessive sweets, and fried or oily foods as poor nutritional choices for asthmatic patients. However, there are many asthmatic patients that feel just great after eating jalapenos in a salad.

So before you throw out your Tabasco sauce, consult your doctor to see which diet is best for you.