Doctors Cure 6-Year-Old Girl's Cancer in Three Hours

When 6-year-old Darya Egorova was first diagnosed with bone cancer – doctors told her parents there was a good chance they would have to amputate her leg. But thanks to a revolutionary new procedure — that took less than three hours — the Russian girl is cancer free, the Daily Mail reported.

Darya was diagnosed by Russian doctors who told her parents they had very few treatment options that would allow her to stay mobile. Her parents were devastated, but a Russian cancer charity, Grant Life, changed all that, when they volunteered to help pay for a new procedure in Britain.

Darya and her parents traveled to the Harley Street Clinic in London where doctors removed 4 inches of cancer-ridden bone from her right shin including a 2-inch tumor. The bone was then blasted with very high doses of radiotherapy and reinserted back into her leg.

Two days after the pioneering surgery, Darya attempted to walk with crutches, and left hospital within a week. Now, one year later, she’s standing tall, dancing, playing sports and enjoying school.

Doctors said over the next two years, the healthy bone will grow through the dead bone, and bring it back to life.

“Given the surgical options my daughter was offered outside the U.K., what surgeons have done is truly a miracle,” Darya’s mom, Irina, told the newspaper.

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