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United Kingdom

Lawmakers Turn Up Heat on Tony Hayward

Group of U.S. senators urge embattled BP CEO to testify on company's involvement in Lockerbie bomber release

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  1. U .K . Airports on Alert

    Suspicious package found at East Midlands airport in England

  2. Around the World

    Big crash in U . K .'s puffin population; South Korean police conduct anti-terrorism drill

  3. Extreme Weather

    U . K . flooding prompts hundreds to evacuate homes

  4. Around the World: 10/12

    Protesters scale Parliament building in U . K .; hundreds of chefs gather in Paris

  5. Fired Up

    Iran says nothing can stop nuclear program; releases U . K . sailors

  6. Around the World: 11/20

    Record-breaking rain in U . K .; panda arrives at new home in China

  7. Around the World

    Largest aircraft sales event in the U . K . and a tough koala in Australia

  8. Around the World: 2/3

    Disgruntled customer attacks company in Australia; U . K . man keeps unusual housemates

  9. Around the World: 8/19

    South Korea scrubs space launch; elephant slippers in U . K .

  10. Around the World: 5/14

    Pope gets high-tech gifts in Portugal; robbery rescue caught on camera in U . K .

  11. Around the World: 2/2

    Intense rain causing trouble in Spain; U . K . footrace billed as world's toughest

  12. Around the World: 12/8

    High-speed car crash in India; rarely-seen painting expected to fetch millions in U . K .

  1. Libyan Foreign Minister Defects to United Kingdom

    U . K . not granting immunity to former high level official

  2. Big Changes Coming to Health Care in U .K .?

    PM Cameron proposes overhaul of state-run system

  3. Implications of British Terror Threat

    What does the U . K . raising their alert level to 'severe' mean for America?

  4. U.S. and U .K . Talk Oil Spill

    Obama speaks with British Prime Minister David Cameron about tensions over BP's role in Gulf disaster

  5. Defcon3: Multiculturism Leads to Terrorism?

    Panel discusses comments by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on consequences of a segmented society

  6. Britain Goes Gourmet

    Food in U . K . has come a long way

  7. Britain Changing Health Care System

    Prime minister cites cost, red tape, management control

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