Devastated parents spend 16 days with daughter after newborn's death

A mom has shared moving photos of the 16 days she spent with her newborn after she passed away.

Doctors were forced to break the devastating news to Charlotte Szakacs, 21, and her husband Attila, 28, after their baby girl Evlyn was diagnosed with unbalanced chromosome translocation at a 20-week scan.

Tragically, when Evyln was born in December 2016, she had an underdeveloped brain, narrow airways in her nose and lungs and a narrow aorta, the main artery that leads from the heart.

The tot’s restricted airways meant she could not breathe on her own and so could not have the heart surgery she needed for survival.

Even though the tot battled against the odds for four weeks, she sadly passed away in her parents’ arms on January 10 at Martin House Hospice in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

Charlotte confessed what the traumatic ordeal was like, describing the decision to take their baby to the hospice as “the hardest you could ever make as parents”.

She said: “When we got the news after the 20 week scan, Attila and I completely broke down.

“I think we broke down more then than when we lost her because at that point we just had no idea what it all meant.

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