Company issues voluntary recall for popular applesauce snack amid complaints of mold

The makers of a popular children’s applesauce product issued a voluntary recall after food product residue was found in product pumps during an inspection, GoGo squeeZ said. However, parents have been taking to social media to complain of mold found in their children’s snack pouches.

According to Buzzfeed, parents have been complaining about a black, moldy substance in the pouch, but the company did not acknowledge that in the recall.

“We found food product residue in two product pumps in one of our factories during an inspection by the Michigan State Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD),” GoGo squeeZ founder and CEO Michel Larroche wrote in a post on Facebook. “While it is possible the food product residue may have been incorporated into finished product, we test our applesauce extensively, and at this time, we have not seen evidence of this in our pouches.”

The recall includes GoGo SqueeZ applesauce pouches with “Best Before” dates between 12/4/15 and 3/4/17, but does not impact GoGo squeeZ Organic products or GoGo squeeze YogurtZ.

The company has been responding to the parents’ complaints of mold via social media, according to Buzzfeed, asking consumers to email more information. No illnesses have been reported in connection to the current recall.

In 2015 a recall was issued after mold was found in some packages.

"Many of you know that last year we had a recall for a different reason, and as a result, we understand you may be losing patience with us," Larroche posted. "We have worked hard to earn your trust, and we are taking action to make sure we continue to deserve it." 

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