Colombia's fattest man needs crew of 20 and fire truck to get him to weight loss clinic

It takes a team of 20 men and a fire truck to get Oscar Vasquez Morales to the weight loss clinic where the fattest man in Colombia is receiving treatment that might save his life.

After decades gobbling up junk food, the 44-year-old was warned by his doctor that if he didn’t lose some of the weight from his 882 pound frame he would die. So Vasquez Morales reached out to a local heart foundation and a team of specialists in the city of Palmira, who agreed to help him shed the pounds.

The only problem: getting to the clinic.

Vasquez Morales, who can’t walk unassisted and needs help doing day-to-day activities such as using the bathroom and bathing, has luckily been able to employ the help of a local fire department to get him to and from the clinic.

“When my whole family goes out for a walk, I stay alone, because I cannot move. But I would, even if it was only to walk a few blocks to visit my brothers,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “To go to the bathroom, I have to get out of bed with the help of my family.”

Vasquez Morales' battle with obesity began in his teens when his parents died a year apart from of each from fatal heart attacks. After their death he fell into a deep depression and began eating fast foods for comfort.

He now plans to seek advice and treatment from nutritionists, a psychologist and physicians before undergoing gastric surgery in an attempt to shed 662 pounds.

Besides the weight issue, Vasquez Morales also suffers from painful sores from the creases in his skin, severe pelvic lymphedema and sleep apnea. He is, however, hopeful that he can get his weight down and live a better life.

“I want to take care of myself,” he said.

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