Cocaine Usage Threatens Body Extremities – Yes, Even Your 'Manhood'

You may have seen an article on Fox News Tuesday about people’s ears turning black because of an adverse skin reaction to cocaine.

The cocaine in question has been cut with a livestock deworming medication, levamisole, which is banned for human consumption.

Nevertheless, drug dealers sometimes use levamisole to cut cocaine because it’s similar to the street drug in the way that it increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine to the brain's euphoric centers.

Now, authorities are saying they are seeing more and more cases of people’s ears, cheeks and mouths turn blotchy and black after cocaine use.

My question is, why is it that these idiots keep using cocaine and all these other drugs to get high? What is the matter with our society?

Even after all the health advisories and warnings, to this day, millions of people in the U.S. are still using cocaine. Even worse, in some cases, they’re mixing it with other drugs.

It’s no secret that cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug, and you could end up paying a high price for such a short high. I’m not just talking about money here either.

Drugs like cocaine can do severe damage to the body. For example, it can cause vasoconstriction, which minimizes blood flow to the body’s extremities, such as the ear lobes, the nose, the fingertips – and yes, the penis.

Also, cocaine tends to have significant effects on the cardiovascular system, including the heart. That’s why it’s possible to have a spontaneous heart attack when mixing cocaine with other drugs.

If you haven’t seen the article on Fox Health, I suggest you check it out. Be warned that the picture may be a little graphic.

But honestly, I think that – much like the pictures we see of the damage to the body caused by cigarettes – pictures of damage caused by cocaine should be distributed widely as well, so people can see what they’re signing themselves up for before they decide to do something stupid.

In my opinion, L.A. Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker made the best case against using cocaine when he said, "If not because of the violence in this country and beyond, how about for no other reason so you don't have your extremities turn purple and fall off.”