Chia seeds: The anti-inflammatory superfood

When it comes to mainstream foods and beverages, chia seeds are a relatively new ingredient in the marketplace. I was introduced to chia seeds a few years ago, but didn't become a fan until I started soaking them in liquid and using them in other ways, such as egg substitutes when baking.

Since there are many processed foods that are marketed as "healthy" but are actually full of sugar and other inflammatory ingredients, I have been researching brands that use high quality ingredients and understand the importance of organic whole foods. Three years ago I came across Mamma Chia during my search, and I have been addicted to their drinks -- and now bars, squeeze pouches and granola -- ever since.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mamma Chia founder Janie Hoffman, who like me has overcome years of health crises and restored her health by changing her lifestyle to incorporate more plant-based, anti-inflammatory foods. Hoffman's goal is to share the magic of chia seeds, and create a brand that will honor and uplift humanity -- a message easily interpreted by the brand's brightly covered packaging.

Hoffman is eager to get people to try chia seeds and reap the nutritional benefits. The tiny seeds support heart and brain health, while supplying a high dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. The benefits make chia seeds an anti-inflammatory food that's a great addition to any meal, on-the-go snack or beverage.

Chia seeds are naturally vegan and gluten-free, so they’re a great ingredient to pop into recipes as well as to look for in products to fulfill your daily dose of anti-inflammatory nutrients. If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to buy plain chia seeds, which can have a bitter taste when served alone, reach for chia-rich products like Mamma Chia drinks, bars, squeeze pouches and granola. A bottle of Mamma Chia contains an entire day's worth of Omega 3's, which makes it a great option for those not keen on swallowing fish pills or eating salmon.

Chia seeds are the number one source of plant-based Omega 3’s, and their popularity continues to grow as we learn more about fighting inflammation in our bodies. Adding more anti-inflammatory foods is a great way to keep your body healthy. If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, can sign up for my Free Anti-Inflammatory Grocery Guide.