Celebrities Join The Cause For Healthier Living

Celebrities are speaking out about Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and diabetes – and letting Americans know healthier food choices can help curb these problems.

MY Lifestyle Extra was the only multimedia team invited to a special fundraiser in the Hamptons area of New York state hosted by New York Times bestselling author Doctor Neal D. Barnard, and featuring top celebrities like Actors Alec Baldwin and Marilu Henner.

The cause was to raise money for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit organization responsible for the “Vegetariano En 21 Dias” campaign to help Latinos test the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Click on the video to learn why Barnard’s latest book “Power Foods for the Brain” has people talking. Plus, celebrities share their thoughts on changing the way we get our food and making better choices. Also, stay tuned for our weekly travel destination.