'Breaking the seal' after drinking is real, experts say

It is almost universally known as “breaking the seal” — the theory that once you go to the bathroom on a night out, you will be relieving yourself at regular intervals for the rest of the evening.

But is breaking the seal actually a thing? And how can we stop it?

According to experts, there may be some truth to the theory, and there are even ways to train the bladder to prevent the problem.

Frequent bathroom breaks after an adult beverage are believed to be down to the alcohol itself.

If we stuck to soft drinks, we’d spend a lot less time lining up in nightclub restrooms, according to one expert.

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Urologist Peter Chin told news.com.au that not only is breaking the seal real, alcohol has distinct qualities that add to the problem.

Around 20 percent of the alcohol we drink is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The remaining 80 percent takes about 30 minutes or more to absorb and for us to feel the effects.

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