Boy endures teasing to grow hair 40 inches long for charity

An 8-year-old Melbourne, Fla., boy grew his hair about 40 inches long over a two-year period to donate it to cancer and burn victims in need, reported.

Christian McPhilamy endured teasing and jeering from his peers and adults during his effort, which he embarked upon after being inspired by a TV commercial for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

His mother, Deeanna Thomas, reportedly told Today Parents that other people’s remarks didn’t deter Christian or even once compel him to ask for a haircut, according to

Last week, Christian met his goal, so he and his mom cut four 10-inch sections of his hair off. They sent his strands to Children With Hair Loss, which donates wigs made with real hair to pediatric patients who have suffered from cancer, burns and other ailments that lead to hair loss.

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