Boy Blistered After Licking Used Condom, Grandma Says

A Georgia woman said a weekend outing turned into a horrifying experience when her young grandson developed blisters after he found a used condom in their hotel room and put it in his mouth, reported.

According to Carmen Jones, the incident happened on Aug. 1 at the Wyndham Gardens hotel in downtown Atlanta, where she had taken the boy and his cousin for a weekend of family fun.

Jones said at first glance room 329 looked perfectly clean, except that there was no soap and no towels.

The next morning, Jones said, she awoke to a horrifying scene.

"When I looked at my grandson, he had a used condom all down his throat — his tongue in it everything. And there was semen in the condom," she said.

Jones immediately took the condom out of the boy's mouth and called hotel management., she said.

Days later the child developed a fever, Jones said.

"That's when I had seen the open blisters inside of his mouth, inside of the bottom lip, all on his tongue," Jones said.

The boy is being tested for STDs and HIV but Jones' attorney said the family is awaiting the results before deciding how to proceed.

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