Best Health Blogs of 2010

The New Year is fast approaching, and 2010 has taken bigger strides in digital media than ever before—more specifically, blogs.

We all know blogs have been around for years, but it seems almost everyone has a blog these days, with more than 150 million blogs on record. They are putting information about almost anything at our fingertips in an instant, which can be a blessing and a curse.

When it comes to medical advice, it is more important than ever to be careful what you read, with just about anybody having access to posting “medical information” on the World Wide Web.

The new health care reform bill from the Obama administration this year caused a flooding of medical discussion all over the Internet. Blogs became a way for people to speak out both for and against the bill when they felt they weren’t being heard.

With so many blogs out there, finding good quality health blogs can be a daunting task so we searched the blogosphere for you.

If you have questions about your health, the best policy is always to talk to your doctor. But here are 10 health blogs that are a useful and informative to start off the New Year right.


For all you techies out there, Medgadget is your blog to find out about the latest in medical technology. This hugely popular blog provides the latest in the medical tech world both on and off the Internet.

With pictures, video and info about everything from state of the art surgical robots to apps on your smart phone, you won’t be left in the dark about anything in what they call the “medical revolution.”

The website is written, edited and published by a group of doctors and bio-med engineers, so you know the information you are getting is high quality and correct.

Mind of the News

Behind every news story, celebrity scandal, and even political decision there is a psychological angle that most have never thought of. Dr. Keith Ablow is a Fox News Medical A-Team member and a top psychologist, but it is his eye for the news that puts him into my choice for one of the top blogs of the year.

Next time there is a big story in the news, I suggest going to Dr. Keith’s blog. You might be surprised what you find.

Former Fat Guy Weight Loss Blog

If you want to hear a true “Average Joe” weight-loss story, then this blog is the place to go. The former Fat Guy is Rob Cooper, a former cab driver who ballooned to 475 pounds. After a heart attack in 1989, he had a wake-up call and since then has lost 300 of those pounds. As if that wasn’t a big enough feat, he then gained more than 50 pounds of muscle—and he did it the hard way!

Through diet, exercise and understanding why he was fat in the first place, Rob follows a healthy lifestyle with step by step instructions for his readers. His posts are informative and down to earth.

He has everything you need to get inspired in 2011 to lose those extra pounds you have been carrying around. If he can do it, you can do it!

Beauty Crazed

The world of health is very closely related to beauty. Feeling good and looking good are both huge aspects of good health.

Two quirky girls from Toronto, Canada, review products, trash fashion and generally have a good time with the world of beauty at Beauty Crazed.

They will tell you what products, including all natural ones, are best for your skin and health—and even ones you can make yourself.

Green Your World

Dierdre Imus is the founder and president of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center at Hackensack Medical University—and makes living green a top priority in her life.

Her thoughtful and sometimes opinionated blog gives green living tips and also touches on some serious topics. She blogs on everything from fun green recipes to make with your kids, to concrete environmental research you can incorporate into your life. I put Green Your world in my list of top blogs because being green isn’t just a fad, it is a hot topic and will continue to be in the future.

Diabetes Daily

For diabetes sufferers, there is no better blog than Diabetes Daily. This site is chocked full of information—whether you want the most current diabetes news, or just help deciding what to make for dinner.

The site has both medical professionals and real life diabetes sufferers that make a large community with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who share their tips on daily management. You’ll find honest, open discussions and tools that will help you track your high glucose levels. Know someone who has just been diagnosed? Encourage them to join the Diabetes Daily online community for better knowledge of their health in 2011.

I’m Too Young For This!

More than 70,000 Americans between the ages of 15 and 40 are diagnosed with cancer each year. There is all kinds of great support and information out there for cancer patients. But this up and coming website stands apart from the rest with information and support for the younger generation who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Generally, the biggest complaint from young cancer patients is that they feel alone and unrecognized by the medical community because of the lack of data, and sometimes the rarity of their condition.

The I’m Too Young For This! blog has a wealth of age-appropriate information and resources with topics like,” I’m all alone,” “I need a break” and “I can’t work.” The goal of this blog is help patients help themselves so they can continue to live their lives.

The Health Care Blog

Not every health blog is about diet, exercise or even disease.

The Health Care Blog is just what it sounds like, a blog that focuses on the policy, politics, and corporate aspect of the U.S. health care system, and the many changes that have taken place in the past two years.

Author Matthew Holt is a health care industry veteran, and may provide insight you may not find elsewhere.

The Medicine Hunter
The world of alternative medicine is growing all the time, and giving traditional treatments a run for their money.

Chris Kilham, “The Medicine Hunter,” is the real deal when it comes to an expert on natural remedies. He travels all over the world looking for alternative medicines, from the Amazon to Siberia, and advises many herbal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, as well as being a contributor to

He will tell you what spices will get you in the mood, what teas will give you energy and what foods you can easily incorporate into your diet to get you living healthier, and even longer in 2011.

The Svelte Gourmet

Jenny Fox, the young, southern professional who has been coined “The Svelte Gourmet,” calls herself a reformed yo-yo dieter, which I think many of us can relate to. Lose 10 pounds, gain 15 back—you know the story.

Fox has found the key to weight loss by preparing the tasty foods she loves in healthy ways and healthy portions. But she is not just someone watching her waistline, she also loves to cook, which means her recipes aren’t just lower in fat and calories, but delicious.

Experiment with new foods and spices this year, and you can be on your way to becoming a reformed yo-yo dieter yourself.

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