A stillborn baby was brought back from the "dead" after doctors froze her body for three days, British media reported Thursday.

The drama began when medical staff at the Peterborough District Hospital in east England realized that Rachel Claxton's placenta had ruptured during labor last year.

This had restricted baby Ella's oxygen and blood supply, with doctors working for 25 minutes to revive her before they detected a heartbeat, Metro newspaper reported.

With fears her brain would be damaged, Ella was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, where her body temperature was lowered to below the level at which hypothermia occurs.

Her father, Jason Anderson, 33, said: "I laid my hand on her head and she was ice-cold to the touch."

The pioneering procedure protects against brain damage by forcing the organ to repair itself, according to The Sun.

After three days, Ella's temperature was gradually returned to normal and the miracle tot was allowed home only eight days later.

Although she still needs physiotherapy her brain function is normal.

The amazing story has emerged now because Rachel Claxton, 32, is campaigning for the technology used on her daughter to be more widely available on the National Health Service.

"She's [Ella] our little miracle and every day she gives us new hope," she said.

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