Arizona woman donates kidney to complete stranger

An Arizona woman who donated a kidney to a complete stranger said it was the most gratifying thing she has ever done, even though she’s never met the recipient. Beth Ramirez, who felt a calling to help someone in need after her own daughter was diagnosed with an illness two years ago, went under the knife in February.

While she couldn’t help her child through organ donation, she had read an article on living donors and felt compelled to do something.

“I felt a tap on my shoulder that said, ‘This is what I’ve been preparing you for,’” Ramirez told Fox 10 Phoenix. “I had people say to me, ‘Why would you do this? Why would you do this? What if your daughter needs a kidney?’ or ‘What if your loved ones needs a kidney?’”


But Ramirez said after working with the Banner University Medical Center, the only thought in her mind was, “why would you not?”

While her recipient has remained anonymous, Ramirez said there is a chance they may meet for the first time in the coming weeks. Ramirez returned to work after a three-week recovery and also said she would do it again “in a heartbeat” if she could.

“The only thing that you need is a willing heart and a little bit of time,” she told Fox 10 Phoenix.