App tailors wellness content to your habits

Your phone tends to be the creator of bad habits, but Dr. Deepak Chopra, celebrity alternative medicine advocate and best-selling author, wants to change that with his new app, Jiyo.

The digital platform claims to improve a user's overall health through curated pictures, articles and videos tailored to the user’s habits, fitness levels and location.

Jiyo works by analyzing how you use your phone to recommend healthier habits to incorporate into your life. It does this by reading data from your phone’s sensors— including an accelerometer— and studying your camera, voice and any wearable devices.

For example, if the accelerometer indicates that you haven’t taken any steps in a few hours, Jiyo will send you a short stretch or yoga pose to get your body moving. The app is also integrated with your calendar and, on days when you have a lot of meetings scheduled, may send you a quick meditation to help reduce stress in between appointments.

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Jiyo has a team of experts on hand who’ve created a growing library of content, including functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and celebrity yoga teacher Tara Stiles. Plus, Chopra himself leads instructional meditation.

The app’s content focuses on personal growth, exercise, nutrition, sleep and relationships to improve well-being.

Jiyo is available on iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download but some premium features costs extra.

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