9 ways to lose 20 pounds

Staying slim doesn't have to be a major undertaking. We found 20 easy ways to burn calories that don't require a trip to fitness boot camp.

1. Cut a rug

Invite some pals over, turn on some tunes, and have a 37-minute dance party. You know you haven't forgotten the Macarena.

2. Work out, then make out

Hit the gym with your mate for a healthy dose of exercise—you burn about 100 calories in 30 minutes of weightlifting—then dive between the sheets and torch another 100 with an hour of foreplay and vigorous sex.

3. Move things around

Liven up the layout of your favorite room with 30 minutes of furniture rearranging.

4. Hit the bull's-eye

Spend 1 hour and 10 minutes at your favorite watering hole playing a fun game of darts with friends.


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5. Make over your casa

Give your living room a fresh hue. Rolling on a new coat of paint burns 204 calories an hour.

6. Scrub-a-dub

Throw a barbecue, but first vacuum, sweep the patio, and straighten up.

7. Hit the market

Buy groceries for your fete (45 minutes of cart-pushing burns 117 calories), carry them inside (5 minutes of schlepping them up stairs burns 43), and put them away (40 calories in 14 minutes).

8. Bat a birdie around

Challenge partygoers to a friendly game of badminton and burn about 200 calories in 40 minutes.

9. Act out

Help your guests burn off even more of that barbecue fare by leading them in an hour of charades.

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