5-year-old had safety pin stuck up nose for 6 months

Six months ago, a California girl suddenly started experiencing strange symptoms and the mystery cause of the green discharge from her nose was finally solved last weekend— a safety pin that’d been stuck up her nose.

Khloe Russell, 5, of Hemet, Calif., had to stop every five minutes to blow her nose.

"About six months ago, her nose just started (running) out of this one side. Green, green, green constantly and it stunk," Khloe's mother Katelyn Powell, told ABC7.

Powell took her to three different doctors to figure out the source, but all thought she had a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. Khloe never had pain.

The solution came last weekend.

"My brother was like, 'Your nose, it's disgusting. Blow your nose, blow your nose.' And she blows it and out comes the safety pin," Powell told ABC7.

The safety pin was 1.5 inches long and was black and disintegrating.

“We were horrified. I was like, 'Did you put this up there?'” Powell told the news channel. “She did, but she forgot to tell me."

Khloe revealed that she had been making a castle with safety pins six months ago when the object went up her nose.

The family said they weren’t mad at doctors who were unable to see the pin with a scope, instead, Powell is relieved they found the source.

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Khloe is scheduled to go to the doctor on Wednesday to check for injury or infection— and she’s learned her lesson.

“No way, not again,” she told ABC7.