24 Michigan hockey players become ill during championship game

A sports complex in Michigan was evacuated Sunday night and about two dozen high school hockey players were treated by emergency crews after they suddenly became violently ill.

Several were taken to the hospital and it was not clear yet what caused the sudden illness at the Taylor Sportsplex in Taylor, 18 miles south west of Detroit, myFOXdetroit.com reported.

The players, all male, were playing in a high school hockey playoff championship when they suddenly became ill and poured off the rinks, suffering from vomiting and with diarrhea, The Detroit News reported.

Between 20 and 28 teens -- who had been playing on different rinks at the time -- all fell ill about 8:30pm local time.

Most were taken to local hospitals by their parents, but one teen was transported by ambulance.

Fire chief Bob Tompos told myFOXdetroit.com there did not appear to be anything wrong with the air quality in the Taylor Sportsplex, but the complex was shut down.

He said they were looking into the possibility of some kind of contamination in the water and the health department had been contacted.

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