Whole Foods slammed for recipe showing peanuts in collard greens

Peanuts don’t belong in collard greens - period.

The Twittersphere went into a tizzy Thursday after Whole Foods posted an image and recipe with the offensive legumes.

Less of a culinary misstep, the outrage was spurred on by the idea that the bourgeois grocer is gentrifying the leafy green --a stable of African American cooking. (Have we learned nothing from #GuacGate that peas don’t belong in guacamole after the New York Times suggested this twist on the classic?)

The origin of collard greens, which is a member of the cabbage family, goes back to prehistoric times and historians say the greens were a favorite of Greeks and Romans.

But the vegetable took its place in American cuisine in the 18th century when slaves brought the dish with them from West Africa.

The proper way, of course, is to cook them: simmered with pork fat or smoked bacon and served with a vitamin-rich au jus, perfect for cornbread dunking.