NYC Restaurant Offers $2,000 Gold-Covered 'Pizza' for Rich People Who Don't Really Want Pizza

Let's be honest: If you're ordering this $2,000 "pizza" covered in gold, you don't really want pizza; you want attention. And boy, are you gonna get it!

Served at the Industry Kitchen in New York City, the 24K Pizza contains just about every self-indulgent foodstuff you can imagine, including not one but two different types of edible gold.

Executive chef Braulino Bunay starts by preparing the squid-ink pizza dough, which needs to rest for two full days before it's ready to use. Once 48 hours have passed, Bunay stretches out the dough and tops it with a layer of stilton cheese. He pops the pizza in the oven for a few minutes, then tops it with French foie gras, several strips of gold leaf and a generous sprinkle of gold flakes.

But wait, because Bunay isn't done yet! After the pizza is thoroughly blanketed in gold, it's decorated with Ossetra caviar, shaved French truffle and edible flowers:

"The people get in shock because they never see, in one dish, all these special ingredients," Bunay told Insider.

"It's very expensive, and it's delicious," Bunay added, apparently aware that most of us will never taste anything even close to this decadent, aside from the time we paired a bottle of Goldschläger with our leftovers from the California Pizza Kitchen.

Try the 24K Pizza for yourself at Industry Kitchen in NYC, then email us later and let us know if this much gold leaf breaks down during the digestive process: