McDonald’s testing table service at California restaurants

In yet another move to turn around slumping sales, McDonald’s Monday announced it will begin offering table service, along with a revamped menu at more than 600 locations in Southern California.

Spokesman Clay Paschen III, president of McDonald’s Operators’ Association of Southern California says the move is an effort to respond to customer demand, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Customers will still order at a counter but will receive a number where food will be delivered to diners’ tables by a server.

This comes as the Golden Arches chain has struggled to innovate in the face of growing competition from higher-end burger fast-causual chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys.

The new menu, called “Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken,” follows the trend of personalization with premium ingredients allowing customers to pair beef patties and grilled or buttermilk chicken breasts with a variety of bun options, including artisan, potato, or sesame seed.

McDonald's has previously rolled out table service at restaurant locations in Australia, Germany and France.