Why Brooke and Hulk Hogan Broke Down in Tears

In a new scene from her MTV reality show, "Brooke Knows Best," Brooke Hogan broke down in tears, as the reality of her parent's divorce hit home.

The pop singer sobbed uncontrollably as her father, Hulk Hogan, took her on a boat trip in Florida past the mansion that used to be their family home.

The legendary wrestler also cried at the sight.

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Brooke's mother Linda filed for divorce in 2007. She is now dating 19-year-old Charlie Hill.

During the scene, Hulk told her: "I can't believe I busted my body every night for 30 years to build that home and now a 19-year-old is living in it."

But Linda offered a firm defence of her actions later in the program, saying she always put Brooke and brother Nick first.

She said: "I did not plan on this happening, my life has been totally turned upside down."

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