Video of Paz de la Huerta's on-set accident that 'left her scarred' surfaces

Paz de la Huerta’s lawsuit against Lionsgate Film is reportedly moving forward after a video surfaced of an on-set accident she claims left her unable to work.

The video, obtained by New York Daily News and released earlier this week, shows the moment when an ambulance piloted by a stunt driver plowed into De la Huerta, spun her around and hurled her to the ground at a Toronto film set in October 2011.

The 1:24 minute clip was reportedly shot during the filming of “Nurse 3D” and is now evidence in the $55 million breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by the 31-year-old actress against the studio.

“As you can see in the video, what happened that night was terrible. It has scarred me both physically and emotionally for many years,” the Spanish-American actress told the Daily News. “I just want justice to be done and for the people responsible to be held accountable. And, more than anything, what I want is to get back to the thing I love the most, which is acting.”

In the film, the actress is seen teetering on stilettos with an umbrella in hand seconds before the accident.

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According to her court filings, De la Huerta said she suffered a broken tailbone and spinal fracture in the accident. She underwent 20 surgeries and had to put her acting career on hold, she added.

In the lawsuit filed last June, De la Huerta claimed breach of contract, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and trademark infringement. She also claimed that the film’s producers failed to keep her safe, inform her of the stunts in advance and didn’t get her consent for the stunts. She also claims that they used another’s woman’s voice that was “monotonic and emotionless” to voice over her lines in retaliation for her suit.

Lionsgate want the case dismissed on the grounds that the actress has already received workers’ compensation and because students and voice dubbing in First Amendment-protected films “arise from conduct in furtherance of the exercise of free speech,” the Daily News reported.

A related lawsuit filed in New York in which she sought more compensation relating to the accident was dismissed last year.

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