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Quarantine Routine is a regular feature that asks political power brokers and public figures how their daily lives have changed -- and how they're still doing their jobs -- during the coronavirus crisis.

Anthony Edwards was gearing up to attend film festivals ahead of the world premiere of his upcoming film "The Tricky Part" when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered the entertainment industry and brought anticipated releases and events to a screeching halt.

Upon the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the 57-year-old actor, known for his role as Goose in "Top Gun" and an eight-year stint as Dr. Mark Greene on "ER," traveled from his New York City digs to a home in Sandy Hook, Conn.

The Golden Globe winner shared with Fox News how he's remaining positive amid the coronavirus crisis and seeking out new ways to stay connected with others. For him and his loved ones, that's meant finding some comfort in the outdoors.


FILE - In this May 8, 2013 file photo, actor Anthony Edwards attends The Headstrong Project Words Of War event in New York. A spokesman for a producer accused of molesting Edwards is denying the

Anthony Edwards told Fox News his quarantine routine consists of gardening, reading and taking walks outdoors. (Reuters)

"We've been having incredible walks," Edwards said of him and girlfriend Mare Winningham. "We have a family staying with us with a young child, our godson, who's only 19 months old, so we've formed this group for the last five weeks."

"It's been really nice to get into some different rhythms and also use technology as we're using today to connect with people," the actor and producer added. "We're trying to prioritize what is important to this life when we're realizing how fragile it is when a pandemic can come in and take so many of us so quickly."

Edwards said his former days of filming -- he was shooting a show for Netflix last month -- have been replaced with a more "simple" routine.

"Morning coffee, get up on news and get out and do something I'm fortunate to do," Edwards said of his new daily agenda. "I'm fortunate to be able to work on my garden and there are these kinds of chores that you've put off for years."


George Clooney as Doctor Doug Ross, Eriq La Salle as Doctor Peter Benton, Sherry Stringfield as Doctor Susan Lewis, and Anthony Edwards as Doctor Mark Greene in 'ER.'

Edwards is also joined in Connecticut by his daughter, who just finished high school. He said the family's quarantine has become "about eating and exercise and reading and just trying to stay connected with the ones you love."

Despite the pandemic, Edwards is just days away from the world premiere of "The Tricky Part," which he executive produced. It's a one-man film based on Martin Moran's memoir of the same title.

The film follows the story of a boy who was sexually abused from age 12 to 15. It's a story of healing -- one that hits close to home for Edwards. The actor published an essay in Medium in 2017 detailing his past molestation by Hollywood producer Gary Goddard, who has denied the claims.


The pandemic shifted gears for Edwards and the rest of "The Tricky Part" cast and crew. The film will now be streamed online on Thursday. Keeping in line with his passion of helping male victims of sexual abuse, Edwards also serves as the board chairman for the 1in6 organization, which offers support and resources to male survivors of sexual assault.

Being in quarantine has allowed Edwards to dedicate even more time to the organization he feels so passionately about.

, Anthony Edwards as Lt. Nick "Goose" Bradshaw and Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in 'Top Gun.' (Getty)

"The truth is, my job as an actor right now is on hold," Edwards told Fox News. "Like so many people, we're all taking a big pause. Really, I am very thankful to have work like the 1 in 6 Organization to put some focus on and energy even more into that."

Edwards said if there's one takeaway from the crisis, it's witnessing citizens around the world, especially New Yorkers, come together.

"It's not a surprise but it's incredibly moving to see people's ability to adapt and the way New Yorkers have come together in supporting healthcare workers and neighbors. We're out on walks every day and people are really making a connection to say hello and see how you're doing," he added.


Of course, his role as Dr. Mark Greene on "ER" opened his eyes to medical workers' resilence years ago, and he feels just as moved today by their work as he did then.

"The experience on that show was really affirming to how awesome it is that we have people who really love what they do in the healthcare field," the actor said. "The doctors and nurses we got to work with on the show, you can tell they were good at what they were doing because they loved what they were doing."

Three members of the cast of the drama television series

Anthony Edwards was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role on "ER." (Reuters)

"I'm not surprised to see story after story of heroic healthcare workers who are risking their lives and continuing to do the job of taking care of people, even when people are neglecting and not taking care of themselves," he added. "They will show up and don't discriminate. They treat whoever comes in there to the best of their ability. It's incredible."


"The Tricky Part" premieres on April 30 at 8 p.m. ET via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and all home streaming services such as Apple, Roku and Amazon Fire. It can also be viewed at Edwards will appear in a live roundtable discussion immediately following the premiere at 9:35 p.m. ET.