Stephanie Pratt says 'The Hills' 'pretty much destroyed' her family: We left the show 'very broken'

Stephanie Pratt is opening up about her rocky relationship with her brother Spencer.

Speaking to Fox News, the 32-year-old reality star shared what it’s been like filming for “The Hills” reboot – “The Hills: New Beginnings” – and how the MTV show helped mend the siblings once-“horrific” relationship.

“We haven’t spent time together in nine years,” Stephanie said. “I live in London. I've come back for ‘The Hills’ and it’s kind of just re-introducing us to each other and the world. We've lived such different lives, and we left ‘The Hills’ very broken.”


When “The Hills” ended in 2010 after six seasons, Stephanie said that her family “was pretty much destroyed.”

“There were years my parents didn't speak to Spencer. There were years where I didn’t speak to Spencer or my parents, and I moved to London, and if it weren’t for [‘The Hills: New Beginnings’], I still wouldn’t be speaking to my brother.”

Over the course of filming, Stephanie and Spencer, 35, have worked on their relationship, and are in a better place.

“It’s so funny because the original ‘Hills’ broke us up, and now the new ‘Hills’ has totally brought us together — geographically and emotionally, and physically.”


However, the times Stephanie did call the pair’s relationship a “nightmare” and “horrific” — that was “100 percent true.”

“There were times that I didn’t want to be on [‘The Hills: New Beginnings’], that it was too much,” she admitted. “I was worried it was going to destroy my family all over again. Spencer felt the same way. Spencer and I are both so honest and opinionated, and fiery — it’s almost a recipe for disaster if it goes bad.”

Once the reboot airs, fans will get to hear even more behind-the-scenes scoop thanks to Stephanie and “Bachelor” alum Wells Adams’ new iHeartRadio podcast – Pratt Cast.


“The first month, month and a half is really rough, and we’ll definitely be getting more into what wasn’t shown, and what really was going on," Stephanie explained, noting the two just want to have a space where the "Hills" stars can "be open."

Echoed Wells: “There’s a million ‘Bachelor’ podcasts where people can go on and kind of clear the air... It gives them a mouthpiece to kind of defend themselves, and I think that this show needs that as well. I think it’ll probably be therapeutic for Steph, especially, and then probably everyone else who joins the show and kind of gets to say their piece.

"I think the podcast is going to do good for at least everyone's shrink bill," he teased.

As for what fans can expect from the reality series reboot?

"It's definitely heavy [on the drama]," Stephanie revealed. "The stakes are a lot higher. It's way more intense. We haven't seen each other in years, but we're in this weird friend group where even though we haven't seen each other in years, we're still like a family and know everything about each other — I mean it's dysfunctional. The drama is off the charts."

"The Hills: New Beginnings” is set to premiere on MTV in 2019. Pratt Cast is currently airing on iHeartRadio.