Stephanie Pratt: I got addicted to crystal meth when I was '14 or 15'

Former star of “The Hills” Stephanie Pratt became addicted to crystal meth in her early teen years.

The reality star reveals in her new memoir, “Made in Reality: From the Hills of L.A. to London's Made in Chelsea,” that she developed an intense addiction from an early age.

"I was 14 or 15 [when I first smoked it]," she writes in the book, according to E! News. "I was on the extreme level and addiction developed instantly. [I smoked] probably four times before school, then at snack...probably 12 or 13 times a day."

She writes in the book that she also used cocaine and her parents didn’t notice her issues.

Once, she stole $4,000 worth of clothing while she was high and woke up handcuffed in a hospital bed.

She said after the 2006 arrest, “… I went upstairs to my old bedroom and I felt so much shame.”

The in 2007, Pratt began appearing on “The Hills,” which she writes led her to scrutinize her body image. She developed an eating disorder because she didn’t like how she looked on TV.

"I lost about six pounds in two weeks, but bulimia made my face very puffy, so I freaked out and began going on crazy little diets," she writes. "I'd only eat Tic Tacs."

At one point, Pratt reveals she weighed only 105 pounds.

Her memoir hit bookshelves on Aug. 13.

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