Report: Juan Gabriel's eldest son is the likely executor of his $30 million estate

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Along with an incalculable musical legacy, Mexican singer Juan Gabriel left behind a fortune valued at around $30 million, according to

Last year Forbes magazine placed Juan Gabriel, who composed hundreds of popular songs in Spanish, at No. 18 among the richest musicians in the world. Just in 2015, he made around $11 million.

As the dust settles after Juan Gabriel’s sudden passing, it will be determined who will be receiving some of the singer’s estate.

Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that among those on the list of possible recipients of his fortune are his sons Ivan Gabriel, Joan Gabriel and Hans Gabriel. Ivan, the eldest, is reportedly the executor of his estate and had a very close relationship with the singer in the last few years, as he worked for him.

Other possible beneficiary of the estate is Silvia Urquidi, a friend of Juan Gabriel who is currently the administrator of 16 of El Divo de Juarez's real estate properties. She has said that all the properties, valued at about $5.3 million, will be returned to his family.

Juan Gabriel owned several properties in the United States and Mexico, including a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

According to El Universal, the ranch is currently on sale and valued at about $2.95 million. It boasts 16 hectares, 14 parcels, a main house, a small chapel, a recording studio and various guests room totaling up to 56 bedrooms and 46 bathrooms.

In his natal Michoacan Juan Gabriel also had an estate where he would go to relax. The property has recording studios, cabins and bungalows.

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