Playboy's first non-nude model Sarah McDaniel may have posed naked anyway

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Social media star Sarah McDaniel just made history as the first non-nude cover model for Playboy Magazine. But the 20-year-old model said she may have posed for the magazine even if it was still full of naked women.

‘Every girl kind of thinks Playboy is a little dirty secret in the back of their minds," McDaniel told FOX411. "So maybe, I don’t know."

She said it was her popularity on Instagram and Snapchat that helped her land the historic gig.

"I know a lot of people like me for my weird, quirky jokes and stuff like that so I think that they thought also they would like me as a personality like more in depth than a model with huge t**s,” she explained.

While McDaniel can pose confidently in front of the camera, she said she was not so self-assured when she was younger.

“I didn’t really embrace myself so I think people strayed away from me because I wasn’t as confident as I should have been. "But now that I’ve really embraced myself and become confident with every aspect of myself that’s why more people are drawn to me now.”

Hef’s mag is her biggest break to date, but McDaniel's eye is on those famous Victoria’s Secret angel wings.

“My biggest all time goal is probably to work with Victoria’s Secret," she said.

The March issue of Playboy hits newsstands Friday.