Hollywood party-crashers are the most inventive breed of all bloggers. We’ve seen crashers hiding in car trunks to get into an exclusive bash at the Sunset Tower hotel, dressing up as waiters and even impersonating Rod Stewart with a cheap spiked blonde wig and a half-cocked London accent.

At W Magazine’s starry party Friday night ahead of Sunday’s Golden Globes, the scammers were up to their usual skulduggery – this time posing as security to dupe the stars themselves. As Globe nominees arrived at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood, and waited for the elevator to the penthouse, where the soiree was in full swing, Variety reported that a tall white man in a black suit and white shirt was seen asking guests to hand over their tickets before ascending.


Keegan-Michael Key and Sarah Hyland were among the famous names who were duped by the velvet rope rascal. Then when they arrived at the sixth floor, they were shocked to be asked again for their tickets, this time by the official security squad.

Variety reported “confusion ensued” as many guests explained they’d already handed over their tickets to the man in the lobby, who by this point had vanished into the Hollywood ether, presumably to sell the tickets for a pretty price.

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