Netflix horror movie 'Veronica' is so scary people are turning it off halfway through

Horror movie fans are being pushed to their limit by a new Netflix original, with many having to turn it off halfway through as it's so scary.

"Veronica," a Spanish original directed by Paco Plaza, tells the story of a teenage girl who tries to make contact with her dead dad using a Ouija board during a solar eclipse.

WARNING: Spoilers for "Veronica" below

She calls on her friends Diana and Rosa to help her out, and initially the girls try to reach out to Diana's dead boyfriend.

But in typical horror film fashion, things don't go to plan and Veronica passes out during the seance.

Over the next three days all sorts of freakish things start happening, with unnerving sound effects, sudden flying objects and a seriously creepy chain-smoking blind nun all ramping up the fear factor.

Many viewers have taken to Twitter in their droves to admit they can't cope with watching it.

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One tweeted, "Started watching Veronica on Netflix (huge REC fan so interested in anything Paco Plaza is involved in) but the demon walking down the hallway scene freaked me out so much I had to turn it off."


"I nearly peed my pants watch Veronica on Netflix last night. Yet another reason to NOT do a Ouija board!," another commented

"Ok, I'm watching #Veronica on my own. I've nearly had to turn it off twice... I'm only halfway through," admitted another.

Part of what makes "Veronica" so terrifying is that is is based on a true story.

In 1992, Madrid police investigated the mysterious death of a young girl, who passed away in hospital shortly after meddling with a Ouija board.

The case was never really solved and remains "unexplained" to this day. Spooky stuff.

Paco Plaza is best known for his 2007 horror "REC" about a TV reporter who gets locked inside an apartment building.

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