Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' director has checkered past

Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of flack for her new video, but the director she worked with on the raunchy music video has his own controversial past.

Terry Richardson, who produced her nude “Wrecking Ball” video, came under fire back in 2010 amid accusations that he acted inappropriately with young models, prompting them to take their clothes off in his presence.

In March 2010, Jamie Peck, a model-turned-writer who once posed for Richardson, spoke to FOX411 about her experience with the famed photog.

Peck was 19 years old and not a professional model when she went on a shoot with Richardson six years ago. She said she had no idea what to expect from the photographer, who shoots for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and commercial clients Jimmy Choo, Sisley and Gucci. Richardson has also photographed stars like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Jessica Alba.

“I went over there the first time and it was pretty normal and I posed nude for him, no big deal," said Peck. "The second time he felt like I was a little more comfortable and he asked me to do some gross stuff. Like he wanted to play with my tampon, and then he convinced me to touch his penis, and I did, and I really still am not sure why I agreed to do that. Part of it was everybody in the room was so stoked, like it was the most natural thing in the world."

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Following Peck's and other models' allegations, Jenna Sauers, a model-turned-blogger, called on other models to come forward with their experiences with Richardson. She told FOX411 she received numerous, if mostly anonymous, accounts of the photographer’s behavior.

“I have heard from a lot of models that he has worked with that all say his M.O. is the same," Sauers said. "You suddenly get naked and then he touches you and he goes further and further. But you’re surrounded by his assistants and they are validating his actions.

“There are agencies that claim they don't send girls under 18 to go on castings with Terry Richardson. I don't know if that goes far enough, because the argument is made in fashion that everybody knows what Terry does, and you should be prepared to deal with it if you work with him. But I'm not sure all the models know.”

Richardson proudly tweeted a photo of himself hugging a robe-clad Miley Cyrus following the “Wrecking Ball” shoot. He also posted a series of pictures of the starlet smoking, cutting her hair and even eating a salad. Cyrus retweeted one of the photos of herself posing with Richardson.

In 2010, Richardson's reps declined to comment on any allegations made against him.