Mike Caussin clarified his previous comments about how wife Jana Kramer’s hypothetical infidelity would be a “deal breaker” to him.

Caussin, 32, is an admitted sex addict who put their marriage in jeopardy early on with his own infidelity. Speaking on a previous episode of his wife’s “Whine Down” podcast, he confessed that if Jana ever cheated on him, it would potentially end the relationship.

While the comment hurt his wife’s feelings, Caussin appeared on another episode of the show to explain what he meant and dissuade her of the notion that he would walk out of the relationship if something ever happened.


The former NFL player, who shares two children with Kramer, explained that he was put on the spot to come up with a “deal breaker” knowing in his mind that there weren’t any.

“The first thought that came to my mind was, ‘I don’t really have one. I don’t know.’ But, I was like, ‘I can’t give the audience that answer. Let me say something that can kind of strike up a conversation,’” he explained on the June 10 episode of the podcast (via Us Weekly).

Although Kramer gave him credit for starting a conversation, he clarified his comments further.

“I explained to Jana, I was like, ‘Look: The reason I said the infidelity piece or you cheating on me isn’t because if you did it, I wouldn’t try in our relationship,” he said. “Obviously, I would, with all the things and pain that I’ve put you through. There’s no way I would just walk out. My thing what I was telling Jana was, there’s nothing else I could foresee a reason being that I would question our relationship.”


He continued: “My definition in that moment of ‘deal breaker’ was a little different. I heard it as, ‘What would make me question our relationship?’ And that would be the only thing, literally, the only thing. I don’t know what else, because of all that work we do. I don’t know what else could honestly make me question our relationship. But because of all we’ve been through, it just makes me think, ‘OK, that would be the one thing.’ I’d be like, ‘Damn, this sucks but let’s figure this out. But I’ll still have those feelings of, ‘Can we make this work?’”

Kramer admitted that, after hearing him give an explanation, she understands what he was trying to say. However, the 32-year-old football player previously tried to explain his comments, but failed to win over his wife.

“I am still scratching my head about that, too, because it feels very one-sided to me, and it honestly kind of hurts my feelings that he wouldn’t stand by me if I did that,” Kramer, 35 previously admitted. “I think that’s what hurts me — knowing no matter the work we’ve done or not that you wouldn’t stand by me”


“I know deal breaker means deal breaker — if it happens, you’re out. That’s why I tried to talk around it and say that no one knows how they’re going to act until they’re in that situation, and the same goes for me,” Caussin explained. “And so, because of all the work we have done, it would just be crazy to think that that would even happen, but if it did, that means we missed a lot of steps along the way. And I don’t know — that’s just the one thing — I don’t know if there’s anything else that would make me consider being a deal breaker.”