Jessica Alba's Bikram Yoga Session and Petaluma's Fried Pasta With Meatballs

Here's the deal:

Earlier this week, Jessica Alba Instagrammed a photo of herself after a hot yoga class (below), and noted that the temporary tattoos from her Halloween costume were still on her arms. And seeing as hot yoga the one where you get all sweaty and slick, those must be some damn good temporary tattoos. Somebody find out what brand she uses.

We've featured a lot of meatball recipes on FNM, but none quite like the recipe at Petaluma in NYC. Watch the video above to see how chef C.J. Bivona puts his grandmother's spin on a classic dish of pasta and meatballs. Aw shucks, we'll just tell you what he does: He fries it!

Victoria's Secret Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio (below) were chosen to model $2 million Fantasy Bras at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Together, these pointless undergarments contain over 16,000 jewels, though they could be made from cigarette butts and chicken bones for all anybody cares. Look! Sexy supermodels!

Despite canceling "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" before its fifth season aired, TLC is reportedly paying each of the show's child entertainers' salaries in full — but not Mama June's. Due to a "morailty clause," they can pay June substatially less, so she'd better not be too attached to her life of luxury.

Just weeks after it was announced that Christian Bale would be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming film, the Oscar-winning actor has already dropped out of the project. We're guessing he caught a glimpse of himself in a black mock turtleneck and called the whole thing off.

Gwen Stefani's stepdaughter, English model Daisy Lowe, dressed up as a buxom cat-lady for a recent Halloween celebration (below). And we're not talking about those crazy cat-ladies you see carrying their kittens around Jo-Ann Fabrics; we're talking about the sexy, Batmannish kind:

Tom Hanks is releasing a collection of short stories inspired by his large typewriter collection. “The stories are not about the typewriters themselves, but … something that might have been written on one of them,” Hanks said, inadvertently admitting that even he can't bear to type at an actual typewriter anymore.

Elle's December issue will feature Rihanna on the cover, but perhaps her most interesting picture is hidden within the magazine's pages. From what we can tell, she's been photographed on the way to a no-pants party:

In order to film a stunt for the upcoming "Mission Impossible" sequel, Tom Cruise recently suspended himself from the side of an airborne plane. We're not sure of the film's title yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be "Mission Impossible 5: Tom Cruise Dies in This One."

Romeo Beckham, the 12-year-old son of David and Victoria, is now starring in a new ad campaign from Burberry titled "From London With Love" (below). By the way, "Love," in this instance, appears to refer to a box of glitter, and/or Romeo's sick poppin' and lockin' dance moves:

Taylor Swift's record label yanked all of her music off Spotify, leaving the streaming service's users without any way to hear Swift's catalogue. Unless you count YouTube, the radio, Pandora, or any of the countless retailers that play swift's song through their soundsystems on a non-stop loop. They can still hear her there.

A photographer has filed a lawsuit against Mariah Carey's record label, claiming that he incurred the cost of hiring Mariah's glam squad — which totalled over $85,000 — before her people canceled the shoot. And he's suing for almost double that, presumably because he's taking into account the man-hours it would take to hand-churn Mariah's Fabergé Egg facewash, or whatever it is that costs her $85 grand.

And finally, a man in Florida has ordered what is (for now) the largest, most expensive Starbucks order in recorded history: a 101-shot latte costing $83.75. He will presumably hold this record until somebody else who wants their name in the news can gather up $84.