Jennifer Lopez Wants to Make Jenni Rivera Biopic, Report Says

Jenni Rivera’s legacy is here to stay.

Just as news hit that her reality show, “I Love Jenni,” will be back for another season in April featuring never-before-seen footage filmed prior to her death, her life story might be coming to the big screen – and rumor has it Puerto Rican superstar Jennifer Lopez wants to produce the film.

According to entertainment publication TV Y Novelas, Lopez is seeking to buy rights to move forward with developing Rivera’s biopic through her company, Nuyorican Productions.

Rivera and several members of her team died when the plane they were on malfunctioned and plummeted from 28,000 feet.

JLO has taken the initiative and reached out to Rivera’s sister, Rosie, whom Rivera left in charge of her estate, finances and children.

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When Rivera died, Lopez publicly expressed her condolences and said she identified with Rivera’s challenges and career.

"I didn't know her personally but I knew of her. For me, just being on tour right now, you live the same type of life. You know what I mean? It's traveling, it's doing shows," Lopez said.

"...I'm sure she was rushing to get home to her kids at that time so she took the flight at 3 in the morning. So you go like, wow, it's just like a wake-up call for everybody. It's tragic. She was so young, so young, and she had five kids. It just wasn't her time, it feels like."

TV Y Novelas said Lopez admires that the Mexican-American singer had thick skin and a never-give-up attitude toward the challenges she faced in her life.

“Jennifer (Lopez) knows that she (Rivera) was very strong, a warrior,” the source said. “Just like the movie of Selena Quintanilla was a success for her career, she feels that Jenni deserves a movie with all the Hollywood glitz and glam.”

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