George Clooney Wants Newt Gingrich to Star in an Upcoming Film

Newt Gingrich served as the 58th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and is currently pursuing the Republican nomination for President of the United States

But George Clooney wants to make him a star.

“I'd like to get Newt Gingrich into a film. I don't know (what role he would play) but I'd just like to see him in a film. I think he'd be fun,” Clooney told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column at the Los Angeles premiere of his forthcoming political thriller “Ides of March,” which he co-wrote and directed.

Clooney also had some strong, albeit tongue-in-cheek, ideas over which of his showbiz counterparts could make a smooth transition into politics.

“I would always vote for Morgan Freeman. Just hear him talk, you vote for him. I'd also vote for Matt Damon just because I'd make him have to live in the White House and that would be fun. Matt would be good,” he continued. “He's smart and he was the ‘Bourne’ guy so at the end of the day he might kick your ass."

"Ides of March" is bound to get tongues wagging when it hits theaters on October 7, as it takes place during the fraught final days before a neck and neck Ohio presidential primary, when an ambitious and morally tormented campaign press secretary (Ryan Gosling) finds himself embroiled in a political scandal that threatens to destroy his candidate, Gov. Morris (played by Clooney).

And while Clooney is generally welcomed with open arms in prominent Democratic circles, and publicly endorsed Obama for President in 2008, he relished the opportunity to play a Democrat doing “dumb” things in "Ides," and isn’t concerned whether the film appeals to either side of the political spectrum.

"I'm not really worried about the political spectrum because it wasn't designed to be a film about politics. It was designed to be a film about morals and it was designed to be a film about decision making and questionable decision making along the way, so I wasn't really worried about it dealing with one side or the other,” Clooney explained. “That's why I can make him a Democrat and make him do some dumb things along so I get to do a little bit of both. You get to hit both sides a little bit."

The A-list star’s name is also regularly thrown around as a high-profile person people want to see run for office, but there is at least one Hollywood veteran who definitely doesn’t want to see Mr. Clooney trade Tinseltown for Capitol Hill.

“George should not run for office, absolutely not. He should stay an actor and a producer and do what he does well. He’s not equipped to be President of the United States,” added actress/director Dyan Cannon, former wife of the late Cary Grant. “He looks good, and he is smart… but I’m for Jack Black. He would just make us laugh. Jack Black for President.”